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Most folks who attend sporting events don’t face the dilemma we did on Tuesday night.

Unless they operate a weekly newspaper that covers two towns wrestling one another—Lo-Ma and Woodbine--and don’t want to favor one over the other.

Unfamiliar with the seating arrangements at the Lo-Ma gym where four high schools competed, Karen and I just took our chances and walked through the door.

We sat down where there were empty seats, and they were in the Atlantic section. Dodged that bullet.

It’s the time of year when grades and assessments are assigned. The Twiner-Herald gets a passing grade—just barely—for its Logan coverage in our two months here. Some readers wouldn’t give us that, including a caller last week who wondered why there wasn’t news about a local dance event in the paper.

I apologized for the omission and told her we didn’t know about it. If  any musical event involving my mother in the half-century she taught in Woodbine didn’t make the Twiner—if there was a name spelled wrong or recital misidentified—she raised Cain. But she religiously submitted material ahead of time.

We didn’t get photographs of Lo-Ma’s Christmas concerts, and we knew about them. But Karen came down sick, our backup Logan photographer was also ill, and I was gone at a meeting. Desperate, we asked a mother of elementary students if she had pics. Bingo, but they were only photographs of her kids. Excuses aside, we are sorry we didn’t get there.

The caller from Logan did say our wrestling coverage was okay. Thanks, but school sports are on the calendar. We’re not going to have prior knowledge of events such as recitals unless someone calls ahead with a tip or release. Call me! Or pick your pleasure: text, email, Facebook.

Better yet, beginning this week, we will have a table in the Fourth Street Mall from 10 a.m. to noon on Thursdays devoted to your news tips. Stop by with your ideas or simply to chat.

We have gifted high school students and staff working for us at Lo-Ma. Teacher Ben Tompkins has coordinated efforts from wrestling writer Abi Rosengren and basketball reporter Gracie Maguire. Logan city administrator Angela Winther continuously provides topnotch wrestling photographs.

Not to run the parenting metaphor into the ground, but we are trying hard not to favor one child over another. But you parents know how that goes.

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