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Police Department will partner with Sheriff's Office to provide coverage for City of Logan
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Police Department will partner with Sheriff's Office to provide coverage for City of Logan

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LOGAN — The Logan Police Department (LPD) has some big changes coming when a 28E Agreement between the Department and the Harrison County Sheriff's Office goes into effect.

At the February 22 Logan City Council meeting, Mayor Clint McDonald explained the Agreement. Logan Police Chief Zach Cavalier was present for the discussion.

"We started the process January 4 with Sheriff Doiel," said McDonald. "It actually started a few years ago with [then] Sheriff Pat Sears."

McDonald continued that, at that time, Sears was not interested in pursuing a 28E Agreement with the Department.

But when Doiel was elected sheriff and started his service this year, he said that the talks began again, and the process was launched forward.

Along with McDonald, Cavalier sat down and talked to Doiel. They worked on a document that would spell out the responsibilities of each department utilizing models from the City of Roland, located about 17 miles north and east of Ames, and the City of Avoca.

The document was tailored to specifically state that Cavalier would remain the police chief. However, the other two police officer positions will be eliminated, according to McDonald.

Cavalier will work Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. He will also be on call every morning from 4-8 a.m.

"And from there, the Sheriff's Office will take over all other law enforcement duties," said McDonald, referring to nights, weekends and holidays.

To clarify, the Mayor explained that both Cavalier and the Sheriff's Office will be in charge of law enforcement duties.

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However, more specifically, Cavalier will also be in charge of enforcing city ordinances, for example dogs-at-large complaints.

Another piece of the Agreement is that when an entity, whether it be the Sheriff's Office or LPD, starts an investigation, they will be responsible for seeing it all the way through, a simple courtesy on the part of both departments.

There will be a one-time cost of $50,000 for this Agreement. This is to equip an additional Sheriff's Office deputy with a vehicle and the other necessary equipment for the job.

Also, each year the City will pay $130,000 for the services provided by the Sheriff's Office.

"And that will go up two percent annually," said McDonald.

Angela Winther, City administrator and clerk, said that not all the details have been worked out yet as far as the financial side of this Agreement, which will extend over 10 years. (Note: A clause is included about either department being able to terminate due to a justifiable cause.)

Winther added that although it puts a small strain on the budget now, due to the $50,000 one-time fee, eventually the Agreement will save the City money. Just how much, is yet to be determined.

When asked to comment, Cavalier said the one good thing about this is there will now be 24-hour coverage for the City of Logan instead of some gaps with the setup they have now with only two officers, Cavalier and Officer Ray Ohl, as well as the help of various part-time officers.

"So it's actually more coverage," Cavalier added.

Now that the City Council has approved and signed this 28E Agreement, Doiel will review and sign it.

If the Sheriff’s Office approves the document, it will then be sent on to the Harrison County Board of Supervisors for approval.

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